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Thanks to dokidokiarchive for translating these adorable Aldnoah.Zero daycare!AU 4komas!! I cleaned up the scans a bit and typeset them with permission, I’m sorry it’s messy, sob, I’m a cleaner not a typesetter usually… and the file sizes weren’t very big so I’m sorry if it’s a bit hard to read! I couldn’t resist doing these though they’re just TOO CUTE.

track name: bless (feat. Arnór Dan)
artist: Kanno Youko
album: Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack
play count: 16270


暗殺教室 殺せんせー連想ゲーム

The premiere is officially set to as January 9, 2015 and every Friday following!

track name: コノハの世界事情
artist: じんft.ナノウ
album: コノハの世界事情
play count: 17210


Hey guys, I don’t know why my blu-ray arrived a day late but it did. Anyway, enjoy!

Konoha’s State of the World - Jin ft. Nanou

コノハの世界事情 - じん ft. ナノウ


Real-life room escape game “Escape From Persona Q: Cyber Labyrinth” has been announced, which will take place from November 15th to December 23rd.

Taking place at the Tokyo Joypolis Amusement Park, Escape From Persona Q will be an escape game themed after the 3DS game, where projection mapping will be used as a means to form a “cyber labyrinth” for participants to navigate through, where they will join forces to fight against Shadows and escape the labyrinth.

The time limit for the attraction is set to 100 minutes, leaving players with plenty of time to go through it at their leisure.

Merchandise related to the attraction will be announced at a later date. You can check out their website here:


Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
track name: 「Unravel」 歌ってみた シャノン
artist: LemonTeaBloops
play count: 12350


This looks like the kind of guy who’d use a Full Restore on a level 3 Zigzagoon